Farm Shop

We have been open now for a number of months and things are getting very busy! This is a selection of some of the produce we do, we alternate it on a monthly basis and have some specials from time to time.

We are open on the last two days of the month falling on a weekend, please contact us with a mobile number and we will add you to our contacts list.

We will have a Free Range Chickens,  and some 28 day Aged Sirloin, and Ribeye Steaks,  and some 40 day Dry Aged Steaks, Sirloins and Ribeyes.

We also stock Smoked and Sweet Cure Bacon, Horseshoe Gammons, and our complete Sauasage Range, hand made Burgers and Kebabs.

Our Shop at Christmas will have Locally Sourced Beef and Pork, we will be taking orders for other Poultry such as Geese and Ducks and will also have Whole Gammons to order.

We have started producing our own Honey, and now stock it in our shop

All types of Games Stocked in season.

If you would like to have something a little different, please talk to us and we will try our best to help!!


"Hand Made" at OLD CASTLE FARM.


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