How many people will it feed?

Turkey Weight

Serves Approx

10lb (4.5kg)

4 to 5 people

11lb (5.0kg)

6 to 7 people

12lb (5.4kg)

7 to 8 people

13lb (5.9kg)

8 to 9 people

14lb (6.3kg)

9 to 10 people

15lb (6.8kg)

10 to 11 people

16lb (7.3kg)

11 to 12 people

17lb (7.7kg)

12 to 13 people

18lb (8.2kg)

13 to 14 people

19lb (8.6kg)

15 to 16 people

20lb+ (9kg+)

18 to 22 people

Birds will be available for collection from: 21st December 2017


TURKEYS  £4.51 lb    £9.95kg

CHICKENS £3.50 lb   £7.71kg

OUR FARM SHOP WILL BE OPEN FROM THE 21st to 23rd of DECEMBER from 7am to 7pm

You can order your turkey via email or phone the above chart will give you an approximate idea of sizes and weights

You can call the farm on 01639 644127 or  07973 890227 or info@oldcastlefarm.com

Last Orders taken – Tuesday 22nd December 2017.

Order Early To Avoid Disappointment! Buy Direct from the farm!

Free delivery to Neath and Tonna only, further afield will incur a £3.75 delivery charge and £5.00 to Swansea area.

“Give your family a 5* Turkey at Christmas - They Deserve It, Give them a locally produced, slow grown, fully matured traditional hand finished bird.”

  • Traditional
  • Taste
  • Texture
  • Traceability
  • Total Satisfaction!

The Best Bronze Free Range Turkey

The farm will be closed on Christmas Eve at 12.00.


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