Our little "Bee Shop"

WE have "BEEN" really "BUSY"  this last year, we have been keeping bees for some time, firstly because I have always been interested in them and secondly, they are in decline and I wanted to produce my own Honey. This year I finally decided to start selling beekeeping equipment simply because there is no one else in the area and I was having to wait to get equipment delivered especially when I needed it.

Here is a sample of what we stock in our little "Bee Shop" You would "Bee" Surprised what we have!




These are our National Red Cedar Hives, they come complete with a Varroa Mesh Floor and Inspection tray and our Unique Alighting Board, Brood Chamber, two Supers, Crown Board, Plastic Queen Excluder and metal Roof, solid Cedar not OSB Board. They can be delivered assembled or flat packed.


We have Hoffman Brood and Super Frames supplied in boxes of 10.

We have Plastic Queen Excluders, with rounded edges

Smokers and Hive tools


Honey Buckets and Feeders 



We have a selection of all types of Bee Keeping Equipment, we can ship countrywide and are very competitive, here is our 2017 price and stock list. If we can "bee" of further assistance, please contact us.



                                                                                      Price List 2017

National Hive Complete, (Western Red Cedar)-Includes

100mm Flat Roof with Metal Cover,

Brood box, 2 super boxes,

Varroa Mesh Floor with Inspection Tray,

Angled Alighting Board and Entrance Block,

Crown Board, Plastic Queen Excluder,

& a full set of Instructions.                     £134.00 Flat Packed

                                                                   £165.00 Assembled

Super Boxes 1st Quality                          £29.00 Flat Packed

                                                        £35.00 Assembled

Brood Boxes 1st Quality                          £34.00 flat packed

                                                                   £40.00 assembled

Floor Complete                                        £33.00 assembled

Roof Complete                                         £38.00 assembled

Crown Board                                            £9.95 each

Entrance Block                                         £3.95 each

SN4 Super Frames (Hoffman)                £1.05 each £10.50 box of 10

Order 50 or more                                     £0.95 each

DN4 Brood Frames (Hoffman)               £1.10 each £11.00 box of 10

Order 50 or more                                     £1.00 each

Plastic Queen Excluders                          £5.00 each

Hive Tool Lifters                                      £4.25 each

Hive Tool J Type                                      £4.25each

Bee Brushes                                               £4.00 each

Medium Size Smokers                              £14.99 each

20mm Gimp Pins 500g                              £4.95 box

30mm Panel Pins 500g                              £3.99 box

Invertbee 14kg Jerry Can                         £14.50 each

2.5Litre (1/2 Gallon) Contact Feeders     £3.60 each

12.5 Litre Honey Buckets with Tap         £11.50 each

12.5 Litre Honey Bucket                           £5.00 each

Premium Waxed Brood Foundation        £12.88 pack of 10

Premium Waxed Super Foundation        £7.99 pack of 10


All Items are available for collection from Old Castle Farm Fairyland Road Tonna Neath SA11 3QB.

Delivery via courier, £9.95 per hive (flatpacked) £16.85 (assembled) to mainland UK.

Delivery of all other items dependant on size and weight and will be advised at time of order.



Please call prior to visiting as sometimes we are off the farm.

Happy Beekeeping!!! 




































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