Our Turkeys

Our birds arrive in July and are housed in small groups in our new purpose built building and need constant attention! They are fed on a mixture of wheat, grain and oats which is free from growth hormones and antibiotics and have a constant supply of fresh spring water.

From Dusk to Dawn our birds have access to green fields and pastures, are Totally “Free Range” and live in a stress free environment, and at night time bedded down on fresh straw.  Our Turkeys are slow grown and allowed to mature naturally for around 26 weeks.

Our birds do not incur any stress in transport as they are dispatched on the farm, they are dry plucked by hand and allowed to hang for around 14 days to create a more traditional flavour. 

Your bird will be presented to you in a “carry –home” box, wrapped in greaseproof paper with a sprig of fresh Rosemary, giblets and cooking instructions included.

All this cumulates to a wonderful tasting Bird.  The Quality, Flavour, Texture and Taste that you won’t get from any Supermarket!

"I am confident that our Free Range Bronze Turkeys will be the tastiest and most succulent you have ever had!!!"

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Ian Roberts

Please click here for a video - Do you know what's inside your turkey?

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