Old Castle Farm Hives


Old Castle Farm Hives is a family run business offering quality and value.

As a beekeeper on a farm on top of a mountain in Wales it was difficult to get beekeeping supplies on a weekend when I needed them. So, I decided to set up a shop not only to help me but supply other beekeepers in the Neath and Swansea area and across Wales and the UK.

We stock bee hives and essential beekeeping equipment that beekeepers need and we are always open every weekend. We also have our own Farm Shop, and welcome all visitors.

Our National Hives are made from western red cedar, bottom bee spaced and probably the most popular hive used in the UK. This single walled hive is not only practical, its light in weight and easy to hold and functional as it can accommodate all British Standard (SN and DN frames). They are made to BBKA Standard specifications and come complete with our “Unique Design” Alighting board attached to the floor which aids the entrance and exit of the bees to the hive.

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